Terms and Conditions

1. Authorisation

The customer hereby certifies that they have the legal right to authorise repairs for all items, either through legal ownership, lease rights, or written authorisation from the owner. The customer authorises Luthier.sg to take the steps necessary to perform requested repairs.

2. Payment

The customer agrees to pay in full for all requested services upon successful completion of work, prior to collecting their instrument. The customer agrees to pay for all parts, labor, fees, taxes, and other charges incurred during the performance of any repairs authorised by the customer in writing. 

Luthier.sg will provide an invoice upon completion of repairs detailing all fees, and listing a final outstanding balance for payment. Payment must be made in full before any instruments will be returned to the customer.

3. Non-payment Penalty

Luthier.sg shall not be required to release any instruments sent in for service until the customer has made full payment for all services approved in writing and performed by Luthier.sg. The customer shall collect their instruments or items within 30 days of completion of work.

In the event of late payment, the customer will be charged a storage fee of $100SGD for every 30 days after date of the invoice, up to a maximum of 90 days. If the customer does not complete payment after said period of 90 days, Luthier.sg reserves the right to sell the instrument.

4. Labour Warranty

Luthier.sg shall provide a limited warranty covering the work performed under the following terms:

1. This warranty shall last for a period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the completion of work.

2. During the warranty period, Luthier.sg will, at its sole cost and expense, correct any defects in workmanship related to the repairs performed.

3. This warranty covers labour only, and does not extend to any parts used for repairs.

5. Non-OEM Parts

The customer acknowledges that any repairs using parts not made by the item’s manufacturer (commonly known as “aftermarket parts”) may lead to the following:

1. Decrease in Value: Repairs made using aftermarket parts may lead to increased depreciation and lost item value.

2. Manufacturer Warranty: Some manufacturers require that all repairs be made using only OEM parts. Use of aftermarket parts may void vehicle warranties.

In recognition of the above risks, Luthier.sg shall not use any parts for repairs unless those parts are approved for use by the customer. It is advised that the customer take the above risks into account when choosing parts for necessary repairs.

While the customer has the sole right to choose which parts are used for repairs to the listed item, Luthier.sg reserves the right to exercise professional judgement and refuse to make repairs using parts which are deemed inadequate or unsafe.

6. Binding Contract

The terms listed on this page shall be considered a legally-binding contract by Singapore law. The customer must acknowledge and agree to these terms before work proceeds. All work undertaken by Luthier.sg shall be subject to the aforementioned terms, unless otherwise stated in a written contract.